The Refillable Germ Buhb™ is available in four fashionable colours. Made from silicone, it comes complete with an adjustable wristband, 2 oz. (59ml) starter bottle of hand sanitizer liquid, applicator nozzle, and filling/refilling instructions.

Here's what our customers have to say

My mother and I found them so convenient and easy to use, no longer did we have to try and find them in our purse or remember to sanitize before touching something else!

Tara Bizuk

I use the Germ Buhb when I work out to keep my hands clean between machines. Easy to fill and always lasts through my workout.

Tosh M.

I had also ordered 1 for each of my sons (10 and 12 years old). I wasn’t sure if they’d want to wear them or if they’d be embarrassed, but was shocked when they said they wanted to wear them when they went back to school!

Laura P.
Germ Buhb™
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