Our Story

The Germ Buhb™ story started over a cup of coffee and friendly conversation at a quaint hotel in a little town in west-central Manitoba in 1987.

Here we find Cindy, the creator of the Germ Buhb™, managing a flurry of life events from raising her children, to working at the regional hospital as a Registered Nurse. During breaks with friends and co-workers the conversation would often turn to their careers as nurses, the ups and downs of the healthcare system, and what kind of changes they would make if they had their say. Topics such as how hard health care workers tried to prevent the spread of infection, the amount of education that was available on the subject, and the variety of different devices and products they used would be frequently discussed. As she sipped her coffee (likely the third cup by now), her mind was busy trying to find a solution.Her solution was try to find an effective way to battle unseen hand bacteria everywhere. So Cindy decided that as a healthcare worker, no matter where you are or what you’re doing, you should be practicing hand hygiene all the time. Also realizing that the need for mobile hand hygiene is not just limited to healthcare workers, but extends to service personnel, travelers and the general public.The ideas started flowing and it soon became apparent that what was needed was a device that was mobile, lightweight, small, wearable, refillable and easy to use.

The Germ Buhb™ was born.

P.S. Buhb™ (pronounced "bub") is an acronym for "Battling Unseen Hand Bacteria".